Monday, February 7, 2011

All you need to know about bullmastiff training

Training dogs seems interesting but it is a different ball game all together. You need to follow different methods to train each breed. The method adopted to train a German Shepard can not be the same used to train a Pomeranian. Each one has to be treated in its own way to get the pet to listen to us. This does not mean we let the dog do all it wants at home. Certain rules which you want the dog to follow have to be made clear to it.

In bullmastiff training the key point is to be patient. These dogs are not as intelligent as the other dogs and therefore will take time to follow your initial instructions. You will probably need to repeat those commands over a period of time before the dog gets to follow it. But once trained the bullmastiffs are sure to please you with their manner. One thing you need to understand in bullmastiff training is that they are not too much into tricks so it is better not to push them too hard.

Refrain from treating the bullmastiff as a guard dog as once it experiences threats it can turn violent.

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