Thursday, February 24, 2011

Puppy chasing problem should be fixed

Every dog owner has had problems with his dog at one stage or the other. Only after training it and keeping it obedient would you have been successful in ensuring that your dog remained with you for so many years. Otherwise, you would have let it go a long time ago. One of the earliest problems you would have faced is chasing puppy all kinds of things, starting from other animals to huge trucks.

If such an instinct in your dog is not curbed in the early stages itself, then it could turn out to be a major problem. You would need to train the dog so that it would stop chasing after everything. There are professional trainers that can ensure that your puppy stops chasing things and remain obedient. They would try and determine why exactly your puppy runs after things and accordingly design the training methods that would be needed.

Another way to stop you chasing puppy is to find out if is doing so because it is entertaining. If that is the case, then you should a way to distract you dog’s attention, by using its favourite toy or by another method that you think might work.

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