Friday, January 21, 2011

Concerns over crate training puppies

Many dog lovers have expressed serious concerns over crate training puppies. They complain that owners are subjecting their pets to cruelty by confining them to the crate. Their major objection is that most often crate is misused by locking up the dog in a crate for longer periods and sometimes more than 24 hrs. If this tendency is continues for some time, pups would develop aggressive attitude and display it by nipping or biting when you try to lead them into the crate and also show dissent by frantic barking and may injure themselves by attempting to escape. In the condition of passive dogs such a treatment would cause depression and might lead to various disorders.

Those who support crate training puppies argue that, dogs like to have their own personal space and crate provides a safe haven for them. They believe crate training makes them habituated to a routine and get them used to going to the toilet at an allocated place. A pup would love its crate provided it is cozy, long enough for it stand and wide enough for it turn around.

Dog owners must make it sure that they don’t use crate as a place for punishment. It is worthwhile spending time ensuring that the pup gets accustomed to its crate and feel it as its own special place.   

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