Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What would a white golden retriever think?

If a white golden retriever could say what it were thinking, what would it say? Alright, let’s start with the white golden retriever name. Its name is Tuff.

He gets his breakfast of milk and biscuits and thinks, “Lady, what do you think you’re giving me? Tuff’s not a puppy, he’s a grown dog!” He is then taken for a walk. We humans take our dogs for walk in our own ways and wherever we like. Here, for example, Tuff’s thinking: “Hey man, that’s a nice viewpoint, how about some pictures there?”  But Tuff knows it’s not going to work.

Back at home the little girl wants to hug and kiss him again and again. Tuff thinks: “Little girl, you’re cute; but look; Tuff’s a BOY! Tuff does not like to be hugged and kissed excessively!” The boy then takes Tuff for a game of ball. This is something to enjoy, says Tuff. Wouldn’t it be much better with a red ball? Matches better with my white coat when Tuff plays. After all, he needs to look attractive all the time. That’s it! Tuff needs some rest now; he’s done for the day. Now it’s time for the night duty that every dog has. Phew!!

It can be very amusing and silly; but it lightens up our moods to just think of what our dogs could think of us!! Go on, think! 

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