Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dogs eating Poop- Something to ignore, or something to worry about?

Are you worried that your dogs eat poop every now and then? Coprophagia in dogs is basically the consumption of poop by your dog which may be due to psychological problems, medical problems and many more! The idea of eating poop is disgusting and untidy. Dogs eat poop due to a variety of reasons and the moment you see your dogs eating poop, the best thing to do is to consult a veterinarian to see if your dogs are suffering from any kinds of health disorder.

Health disorders may be due to deficiency of nutrition in the food you provide to your dogs. By eating poop the dogs get the required nutrition. Health disorders may also be due to parasitic worms lurking in your dog’s tummy. These parasitic worms take in all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins from the food your dog consumes hence rendering your dog weak. So, such dogs eat poop. In case none of these disorders are detected in your dogs by the veterinarian the cause for your dogs eating poop may be due to a behavioral condition. Dogs tend to imitate their owners and incase you are a neat freak; the dogs try to be clean to by eating poop to keep their surroundings clean!

Looking into why your dogs eat poop and acting towards stopping it is very important for the over all development of your dogs!

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