Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Importance of Rescue Dog Training

Many animals have been blessed with certain qualities that humans do not possess. This makes animals highly useful in many situations that humans are ill equipped to face. Dogs do not only make amazing pets, they are also highly useful in many search, rescue and security operations. They have an amazing sense of smell, which makes them invaluable. This is where Rescue Dog Training comes into the scene. 

Dogs have great senses, but they need to be trained to make these senses useful. Rescue Dog Training is a process through which canines are taught how to perform certain tasks that will aid in saving and helping people. Dogs have been used for rescue purposes for a long time- they are even being used in Japan to save the people trapped due to the earthquake. 

Not all dogs can undergo Rescue Dog Training. Your dog will have to be trained for around two years before they can take part in official rescue operations. If you think that you have a dog that can undergo rescue training, you can enroll your dog. Both you and your furry friend will benefit a lot from it!

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