Friday, January 7, 2011

How to train a Chihuahua with physical activities

As the Chihuahuas are we well known for their temperament and stubborn nature, the training for the cute devil is very much necessary. The best way to control the Chihuahuas are keeping them physically active and giving them training whenever it is appropriate. If you are planning to own a Chihuahua, its very important to know how to train a Chihuahua and the simple answer to it will be start teaching them the basics like sit, stay, fetch and so on.

At the same time it is strictly cautioned that never train the Chihuahuas when you are tired, upset or angry. They need hundred percent of your attention to be controlled. The situation should be better controlled by you as the Chihuahuas are very good on taking over it from you and try to lead in the human-dog relation. While training the Chihuahuas its better we use a table as bending every time to handle them is quite difficult. Start training them with the simple tricks like roll over, give paw and high five. Try taking them through the training as often as possible because we need to make a point that the things happens according to our wish and they have to follow. This trick to handle the Chihuahuas works as they love to be physically engaged. These simple tips are perfect solution to know how to train a Chihuahua with physical activities.

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