Friday, March 25, 2011

Training methods to stop puppies from biting

Little puppies as young as six to eight weeks old are prone to biting, and nibbling, as it is part of their teething process. But puppy bites can be annoying and mildly painful; though nothing that a good, stern training cannot cure. There are various methods you can employ to stop puppies from biting. One of them is the ‘yelp’ technique, wherein you are required to emit a sharp high pitched yell every time the puppy bites, to make your displeasure known. Ignore the pup for a few minutes and leave the room if he doesn’t get the ‘yelp’ at first.

Another method you can apply is to turn around, bend and tap its nose, while saying a firm ‘NO’. Keep your voice firm, and very different from when you are showering praises on him at other times. It is important your dog learns to differentiate the tones of your voice. Remember, it has been taken from its natural environment and is trying to adjust to a new one. Your patience and love will help him learn the ways of being a sociable animal.

Chew toys are another training variation to stop puppies from biting. Also when you are teaching your puppies not to bite, do not indulge in games like tug of war and wrestling.

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