Monday, December 6, 2010

Training puppy bulldogs to groom them into awesome pets

Anybody who has ever had a bulldog at home would know how stubborn this dog can be. That said; when training puppy bulldogs, you have to be as stubborn as they are. If you do not like the behavior of your dog, give him a loud No! If you find your bulldog pups chewing something they shouldn’t, replace the item immediately with something they are allowed to chew. 

Never forget, they are like babies who constantly need to be watched. No matter how cute or loving your puppy may be, you must never allow them to nip or bite. 

Then comes the leash training, which is something quite important when training puppy bulldogs. Get your pups a nice collar which is loose enough for the pup to feel comfortable and tight enough for you to have control over the dog. The leash should also not be too long or too small. Leash training is quite important in the initial days of training puppy bulldogs as you will have to take the pups for a walk and you would have to use a leash to do so. 

That said, with proper training, you can have nice pet bulldog of your dreams.

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