Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Important Tips while Training a Dachshund

Dachshund are smart and the most notorious dog breed that can be found ever.  Their energetic and  independent nature makes them different from other dog breeds.  By looking for the first time you may feel like getting them well train as they may obey you. But it is not at all true, because their independent mind may not allow you to train them on the right way. Trainer will need to make some planning and patience under which dachshund can be trained.  They have strong personality that makes the trainer difficult to train them. There are some tips under which trainer can train dachshunds. The most important tip is, trainer should have good knowledge about training this dog.  In fact, it can be said as trainer should be well trained to train dachshund.  Apart from it, while training a dachshund make sure to include games through which dachshund can be trained.  They are fast learner and can quickly learn the techniques that are taught. 

The most important tip is to remember that, dachshund are animal not human, so it is important to train and treat them the way other pet animals are being trained.  Other important tip is to make them to walk properly during training a dachshund.

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